VCE Chemistry Units 3/4

Chemistry is a very difficult subject to attempt in Year 12. In my experience, unit 3 carried little resemblance to the easy stuff you do in units 1 and 2. I recommend you do this subject if you are interested in studying medicine or chemistry-related courses in university, or would like to keep your options open. If you disliked units 1 and 2, and have none of the previously listed motivations, do not do this subject, even for the generous scaling. Chemistry requires a basic knowledge of mathematics, the ability to comprehend complex theories and the ability to memorise vast amounts of material.

I was destroyed in Year 12 Chemistry, so it is inappropriate for me to give advice on how to do it. However, I achieved A+ for the final exams for both units 1 and 2. So at least I can tell you what I did right in Year 11.


Throughout the year, I found it helpful to write down my notes on paper first and then type up a summary of key points in Word. When you are revising for a SAC or exam, you can print out your notes so you are able to highlight and write between the margins. Alternatively, you can bring your laptop into class and type the information directly into your word processor, although I recommend you try to summarise the information by cutting out irrelevant notes before printing them out.

VCE Physics Units 3/4

I did not do Physics 3/4 as part of my VCE. However, I regret not doing so, especially given my interest in astronomy and cosmology. In a more practical sense, this subject ties in well with Specialist Mathematics 3/4, as some of the materials overlap. If you are strong in mathematics, I suggest you learn from my mistake and do this subject. For many of my mathematically-inclined peers, this was a subject that was likely to appear in their top 4.

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