Given I didn’t work and devoted the vast majority of my time to study, it was no surprise that I did not find VCE too difficult.

I believe one of the main reasons why I didn’t find Year 12 too overbearing was due to the work I did in previous years, especially the two 3/4 (Year 12) subjects that I completed in Year 11, Mathematical Methods and Chinese Second Language. I do remember working extremely hard in Year 11, especially for the oral component to Chinese. Though it was worth less than 20%, I created some audio recordings in Chinese, which I played over in a loop countless times on my iPod, which likely helped me a lot.

While I didn’t find Year 12 too difficult, perhaps taking into account the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) as a whole (i.e. Year 11 and Year 12), I would consider my experience relatively more difficult in Year 11 and relatively easier in Year 12.

Not to take anything away from the young Year 12 version of me in 2010, I do remember being nervous a handful of times throughout the year and writing essays endlessly on Saturday afternoons.

While I did dedicate the vast majority of my time to study in Years 11 and 12, I did find time to undertake a number of hobbies, including making instructional videos about chess and writing on my websites.

One interesting example is that, in mid-August of Year 11, I entered discussions to create a website for a school chess tournament I would participate in, in early December. From the end of August to the end of Year 11, I created a website for the Australian Schools Teams Championships.

Additionally, in the middle of my final exam period in Year 12, I even started making this website about VCE. I think it is safe to say I lost interest very quickly in the website after my exams did finish, so most of this work would have been done before I had finished my exams.

I think these hobbies, which I normally worked on at night just before I brushed my teeth and went to bed, were a good way to take a break from studying.

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